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Bigg Boss is easily the most popular reality show on Indian television. Bigg Boss 15 or Bigg Boss OTT is now streaming on Voot. The fans were eagerly waiting for the show to start.

The makers have come up with a slightly different for this season.Bigg Boss OTT Finale is on 18th September. The finalists include Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat, Divya Agarwal, Nishant Bhat, and Pratik Sehajpal. This is the time OTT version of the show.
Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia Deshmukh are guests for the Bigg Boss OTT finale. The finale will telecast at 7pm on Voot.

Scroll down to find all the details on Bigg Boss OTT contestants, streaming details & More.

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Bigg Boss OTT Winner Updates: Who Will Win the Show? (4)

Bigg Boss OTT

The digital version of the reality show features Karan Johar as host. Karan Johar is a very popular host, he has hosted multiple Koffee with Karan and the dating show What the Love! on Netflix in 2020.

The first six weeks will be digital exclusive. Bigg Boss OTT will stream on Voot Select. After the initial phase, the show will move to Colors TV.

Bigg Boss OTT Winner

It will be tough fight between the 5 finalists - Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat, Divya Agarwal, Nishant Bhat, and Pratik Sehajpal for the Bigg Boss OTT trophy.
The season has seen many controversies. All the contestants of the show have remained in news for different reason.
While Shamita Shetty is most popular among the contestant. Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal have emerged as smrt players in the show. Divya Agarwal has also received good support from fans as she has played sole since the eliminated of her connection.
On the other hand, Raqesh Bapat has played sole but has been successful in reaching the season finale.
After the end of Bigg Boss OTT, Salman Khan will host the season 15. The speculations around the Bigg Boss 15 contestants has already started. The show will telecast on Voot and Colors TV in early October.

Bigg Boss OTT Details

Release Date

8th August


Karan Johar

Episode Timing

Monday to Saturday - 7 PM

Sunday - 8 PM

Streaming on

Voot Select


Zeeshan Khan, Divya Agarwal, Ridhima Pandit, Rakesh Bapat, Akshara Singh, and Milind Gaba, among others

Bigg Boss OTT Episodes

The first episode of the season will premiere on 8th August at 8 PM. While the new episodes will stream Monday to Saturday at 7 PM. The first six weeks of the reality show will telecast on the OTT platform.

You can also watch the repeat telecast on Voot. In the last season, also Voot subscribers got access to exclusive content from the show.

Bigg Boss OTT Contestant List

Here is the list of confirmed contestants for Bigg Boss OTT - Zeeshan Khan, Divya Agarwal, Ridhima Pandit, Rakesh Bapat, Akshara Singh, Milind Gaba. We will soon update the complete list of contestants for this season of Bigg Boss.

Popular TV and movie personalities participate in the reality show every year. The contestants stay in the Bigg Boss house for 12 weeks.

Every week there is one elimination based on nominations and votes of audiences. With the OTT version, we can expect few changes in the format this season.

Every year, fans eagerly wait for the announcement of participants in this reality show.

  • Divya Agarwal
  • Neha Bhasin
  • Karan Nath
  • Nishant Bhatt
  • Ridhima Pandit
  • Urfi Javed
  • Akshara Singh
  • Raqesh Bapat
  • Prateek Sehajpal
  • Muskan Jattana
  • Millind Gaba
  • Zeeshan Khan
  • Shamita Shetty

How to Watch Bigg Boss OTT Episodes?

You need Voot Select subscription to watch Bigg Boss OTT episodes. The show is all set to start streaming on August 8. Voot Select is currently available in a single subscription plan of 12 months.

(Video) Bigg Boss OTT 2 Confirmed Contestant list Hosted by Salman Khan Starting Date on Jiocinema

The 12-month subscription costs Rs. 299. It is currently available at a discount price. Meanwhile, you can also watch earlier seasons of the reality show on Voot.

  • Visit or open the Voot App

  • Choose the 12-month subscription plan

  • Proceed to the payment page

  • Click on the Bigg Boss OTT banner

  • Start watching Bigg Boss OTT Episodes Online

Voot Select Amazon Pay Offer

Get up to Rs. 50 cashback on Voot Select subscription charges with Amazon pay. This offer is applicable on a minimum transaction of Rs. 299. The cashback amount will be between Rs. 11 to Rs. 50. Amazon Voot Select offer is valid once per user.

  • Up to Rs. 50 Cashback

  • Minimum transaction of Rs. 299

  • Once per user

How to Watch Bigg Boss OTT For Free?

Get Voot Select free subscription with Paytm First. Paytm is offering a 6-month free subscription to the OTT platform to its First subscribers. Paytm First membership costs Rs. 899 for 6-months.

If you have already a Paytm First member, you can claim the membership from the Paytm app. You will receive a unique code to start your 6-month Voot Select subscription.

Meanwhile, you can also watch Bigg Boss OTT on Vi movies and TV app. The telecom operator is providing free access to Voot Select on recharge with select plans.

  • Open the Paytm App

    (Video) Bigg Boss OTT 2: Launch Date Hua Confirm, Show Ke Format Mein Hoga Badlaw ?

  • Go to the First Zone

  • Select Voot Select subscription

  • Claim your 6-month subscription

  • Redeem the code on the Voot app or website

  • Start watching Bigg Boss OTT for free.

Watch Bigg Boss OTT Episodes Free on JioCinema

Yes, you can watch Bigg Boss OTT on Jiocinema App. The reality show started on 8th August. And all the episodes aired till now are available on the Jiocinema app.
However, if you want to watch the live stream of Bigg Boss then you need Voot Select susbcription.
Open the Jiocinema app and go to the shows tab. Here you will see the Bigg Boss OTT banner. Click on the banner to see all the episodes telecasted so far. Choose any episode to watch for free.

Bigg Boss is a popular reality show. The show is back for a digital exclusive season. The first six episodes of the reality show stream on Voot Select after that the show will move to Colors TV. For all the details on Bigg Boss OTT, stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to watch Bigg Boss OTT?

Watch Bigg Boss OTT on Voot Select. You can also watch Voot Select content on the Vi Movies and TV app.

Can I watch Voot Select for free?

Get Voot select 6-month subscription with Paytm First. You can also watch Voot Select content on Vi Movies and TV. Vi is offering free access to the content with select recharge plans.

Who is the host of Bigg Boss OTT?

Karan Johar will host the digital version of Bigg Boss. The filmmaker has already hosted many reality shows and talk shows.

How to watch Bigg Boss OTT for free?

(Video) Bigg Boss OTT Grand Finale: Who Will Win The Voot Show, Today At 7

You need Voot select to watch premium content on Voot. You can get a free subscription to the OTT platform with Paytm First membership.

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Bigg Boss OTT Winner Updates: Who Will Win the Show? ›

According to some sources, contestant Priyanka Chaudhary can probably become the winner of the 16th season of the television reality show Bigg Boss. As she is in the number 1 position in the contestants ranking list, she is the number one choice for the winner.

Who is likely to win Bigg Boss? ›

According to some sources, contestant Priyanka Chaudhary can probably become the winner of the 16th season of the television reality show Bigg Boss. As she is in the number 1 position in the contestants ranking list, she is the number one choice for the winner.

Who would win Big Boss OTT? ›

Divya not only won the trophy but will took home a prize of ₹25 lakhs. 10:50 PM: Divya Agarwal wins Bigg Boss OTT.

Who will be the winner of Bigg Boss 2023? ›

Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023, Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023- TOP 5, Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023 runner up, Bigg Boss 16 Finale: Rapper MC Stan was declared the winner of the popular reality TV show "Bigg Boss" season 16 on Sunday, beating his friend Shiv Thakare.

Who will be the top 2 in Bigg Boss? ›

In the finale, we see host Salman Khan announce Priyanka's name as the third contestant to be evicted from the finale race. And best friendsMC Stan and Shiv Thakare are now the top 2 and will be standing opposite one another for the trophy.

Which contestant is King of Bigg Boss? ›

The late TV actor and film star Sidharth Shukla is still the undisputed king of Bigg Boss.

Who is the winner 🏆 of Bigg Boss 16? ›

The winner of Bigg Boss 16 is rapper MC Stan. The 23-year-old lifted the trophy on Sunday, beating his close friend Shiv Thakare.

Is Big Boss Ott hit or flop? ›

BBOTT was always Top-5 among original OTT shows. However BB15 isn't even top-10 in online viewership. BB15 is a FLOP both on TV TRPs & online viewership.

How much Big Boss OTT pays to contestants? ›

As expected, Bigg Boss OTT managed to hook the audiences with a lot of drama, fights, friendships, and more. The show came to an end recently with Divya Agarwal taking home the Bigg Boss trophy. Divya Agarwal took home a whopping INR 25 Lakhs along with her weekly pay.

What is the prize of Bigg Boss OTT? ›

The prize money for Bigg Boss 16 is Rs 21.80 lakh. Previously, the winner's award was Rs 50 lakh. The winner will also receive a Grand i10 Nios vehicle. The winner of Bigg Boss 16 is being predicted on social media ahead of the announcement.

Who is the winner of Indian Idol 2023? ›

Indian Idol 2023 Winner: Rishi Singh Wins Season 13, Takes Home Car And Rs 25 Lakh Prize Money. Ayodhya's Rishi Singh wins Indian Idol Season 13 trophy along with Rs 25 Lakh cash prize and a brand new car.

Who was the runner up of Bigg Boss season? ›

After 12 weeks, Rahul emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss on Day 86. Carol left as the first runner up, whilst Ravi was the second runner up.

When Bigg Boss 17 will start? ›

On the show, people live together in a house for a few weeks. The expected Bigg Boss Season 17 Launch Date is in the middle of 2023.

Why was Priyanka evicted from Bigg Boss? ›

In a shocking twist of events, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary was revealed to have received the lowest votes in comparison to Shiv Thakare and MC Stan. The actor, who was a fan favorite to win the trophy from Day 1 of Bigg Boss 16, left her fans in tears.

Who is the most popular actor in Bigg Boss? ›

Salman Khan worked as the face of Bigg Boss for 13 years, making it popular and making it grow to become the most watched TV reality show in India.

Who is known as the queen of Bigg Boss? ›

Netizens say that Priyanka Chahar is the queen of Bigg Boss 16.

Who is the dwarf man in Bigg Boss? ›

Abdu Rozik suffered from rickets as a child, and due to his family's financial hardship, he was unable to be treated, resulting in his height becoming stagnant at a young age.

Who is the lady boss of Bigg Boss? ›

04/10​First female captain Deepika Das of the season.

How many votes did MC Stan got? ›

MC Stan won the trophy while Shiv Thakare walked home with the runner-up title. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary ended up in third position followed by Archana Gautam and Shalin Bhanot. The rapper's victory was the result of an overwhelming number of votes from fans, with a reported 17 million votes cast in his favor.

Who is the most voted contestant in Bigg Boss history? ›

Besides winning the popular TV reality show, MC Stan has also earned the title of the most-voted contestant ever in the history of Bigg Boss. Several popular singers and rappers, including Badshah, Raftaar, Seedhe Maut, and others, offered their support to MC Stan through video messages on social media.

Who is the runner-up of Bigg Boss 16? ›

Shiv, who emerged as Bigg Boss 16's first runner-up, has received a heartwarming welcome from his fans in his hometown Amravati. The Bigg Boss Finale, on Sunday, saw MC Stan lifting the trophy, after beating his dear friend Shiv Thakare.

Is bb13 hit or flop? ›

The grand finale of the show took place on 15 February 2020, and Sidharth Shukla was announced as the winner whereas Asim Riaz became the runner-up. It became the most successful Bigg Boss season since the inception of the series and also the most watched. Bigg Boss 13 had an average 2.1-2.5 TRP every week.

How is Big Boss Ott different from Big Boss? ›

Bigg Boss OTT, also known as Bigg Boss: Over-The-Top, is the first season of the Indian reality TV series Bigg Boss to be made for and aired on a streaming platform exclusively.

Is Big Boss the biggest show in India? ›

Since its premiere, the Salman Khan-hosted reality television show 'Bigg Boss' has been one of the most watched shows in India.

How much Priyanka paid for Bigg Boss? ›

The actor, who was earlier being paid Rs 5 lakh per week on the show, reportedly hiked her fees post Bigg Boss 16 got extended last month. Priyanka now earns a whopping sum of Rs 10 lakh per week.

How much is Salman Khan paid for Bigg Boss? ›

For BB 15, the actor's remuneration was Rs 25 crore per week. For a single episode, his fee went up to Rs 12 crore. And for Bigg Boss 16, if Salman reduces his remuneration, his earnings per episode are going to stand at around Rs 10cr.

How much did Sidharth Shukla paid in Bigg Boss? ›

As per a report by Bollywood Life, Sidharth Shukla has been the highest-paid contestant in the history of Bigg Boss. The Season 13 winner took home a sum of 60 lakhs per episode and increased his income during the extended time of the show.
Box Office Verdict 2023
PS 2(Hindi)08.00 cr
2 more rows
Sep 20, 2022

Who was the most paid actor in Bigg Boss? ›

Imlie fame Sumbul Touqeer Khan is the highest paid celebrity contestant on the Salman Khan's show as the 18-years-old actress is getting paid a staggering amount of Rs 12L per week. Here, we take a look at the top 10 highest paid contestants in the show's history.

What is the benefit of Bigg Boss? ›

Participants get an opportunity to showcase their talent to masses. Huge sum of prize money can be gainfully used. TRP of Colors gets a boost. Not so famous celebrities get another chance to establish their careers.

Who took money in Bigg Boss 14? ›

Rubina Dilaik took home Bigg Boss 14 trophy and the prize money of Rs 36 lakh. Rahul Vaidya is the first runner-up of the show. Rubina Dilaik is winner of Bigg Boss 14.

Who is the 2nd runner-up of Indian Idol 2023? ›

As a winner of the show, Rishi Singh received a cheque of Rs 25 lakh from Sony Entertainment Television and a brand new Brezza from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. The first and second runners-up, Debosmita Roy and Chirag Kotwal, received a trophy and a cheque of Rs 5 lakh each.

Who got knocked out of Indian Idol? ›

Who got eliminated in Indian Idol recently? Ans. Kavya and vineeth both got eliminated on 8th January 2023.

Who is the 5th runner-up of Indian Idol 2023? ›

Sonakshi Kar

Who is youngest Bigg Boss winner? ›

Gautam Gulati celebrates his birthday today

Today, it is the birthday of former Bigg Boss winner Gautam Gulati.

Which Bigg Boss season got highest TRP in India? ›

Bigg Boss 5 TRP Ratings

Bigg Boss 5 had the best launch trp. Bigg Boss 5 has a rating of 4.30, which is the highest of all the bigg boss seasons to date. No other season has the trp of above 4. As the launch episode had all-time high ratings, the finale episode failed to perform as well as the launch episode.

Who is the first woman winner of Bigg Boss? ›

Shweta Tiwari, a well-known actress of Hindi films and television, was the fourth winner of Bigg Boss and the first female contestant to win the show.

When Bigg Boss 16 will start? ›

It premiered on Colors TV from 1 October 2022. Salman Khan hosted the show for the thirteenth time. The Grand Finale aired on February 12, 2023 where MC Stan emerged as the Winner defeating Shiv Thakare. The season went on to become one of the most successful season in show history.

What season is Bigg Boss airplane? ›

Bigg Boss 8:

In the initial episodes of Bigg Boss 8, the contestants had to stay put in an immobile aircraft placed in the house.

How do you join Bigg Boss? ›

Your video must be attractive. If you get lucky then you will be called upon by the team Bigg Boss. Thereafter, you will have to give an audition for the show. If the casting team like your performance then you will have the chance to be on this biggest show in India.

Who is the most beautiful girl in Bigg Boss? ›

Apart from being the most talked about contestant on Bigg Boss 11, Hina Khan is referred to as the most stylish contestant of her season.

Who is gold man in Bigg Boss? ›

Both Sunny and Sanjay are known as 'golden boys' as they love to sport big gold necklaces and bracelets at all times.

Who is the cutest couple in Bigg Boss? ›

9 Couples From Bigg Boss Throughout The Seasons & Where They Are Now
  1. Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra. ...
  2. Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan. ...
  3. Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai. ...
  4. Rochelle Rao and Keith Sequeira. ...
  5. Sara Khan and Ali Merchant. ...
  6. Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna. ...
  7. Yuvika Chaudhary and Prince Narula.
Nov 10, 2022

Who tried to escape from Bigg Boss? ›

04/7Vikas Gupta in season 11

After all the housemates fell asleep, he apparently tried to run away from the house. However, he was not successful in his attempt. He was then called by Bigg Boss in the confession room and also pulled up for his act.

How much Priyanka paid in Bigg Boss 16 contestants? ›

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary's Bigg Boss 16 Remuneration

Latest buzz suggests that makers have hiked Priyanka's remuneration from Rs 5L to Rs 10L per week, considering her increased popularity and demand from actress' team.

Is Bigg Boss Priyanka girl or boy? ›

Priyanka Singh is an Indian transwoman actress who predominantly works in the Telugu film and television industry. She was one of the contestants of the Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 in 2021 and the second transwoman who entered the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 reality show.

Are Bigg Boss contestants paid? ›

After the show's extension, she started getting paid Rs 10 lakh per week. Bigg Boss Marathi winner Shiv Thakare has reportedly earned Rs 63 lakh from the show till now. Evicted contestant Abdu Rozik was the most loved celebrity on BB 16. As per reports, he received more than Rs 3 lakh per week.

Who is top 5 in Bigg Boss? ›

Meet top 5 contestants of Bigg Boss 16 ahead of finale
  • Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. She is also praised by Bigg Boss for always voicing her opinion in the house. ...
  • Shalin Bhanot. ...
  • Shiv Thakare. ...
  • Archana Gautam. ...
  • Rohit Shetty will be the special guest in the Bigg Boss house tomorrow. (
Feb 11, 2023

Which Indian Bigg Boss is best? ›

Big boss 7 was the best season. Gauhar Khan was the most deserving winner of big boss. I have been watching all the seasons but big boss 7 was my favorite one because of Gauhar Khan and Ajaz Khan. Season 7 had the most strongest contestants like Kamya Punjabi, sangram Singh !!

Who is the last captain of Bigg Boss Ott? ›

They informed the same to Bigg Boss. However, in the latest episodes, Roopesh Shetty outshined Sonu Srinivas Gowda and Rakesh Adiga in the captaincy task. He walked away with the title of the last ever captain of the Bigg Boss OTT Kannada Season 1.

What is the difference between Big Boss and Ott? ›

Format. Like the previous season, BB OTT 2 will be streamed exclusively on Voot. The show will be slightly different from the main Bigg Boss series in terms of format, as it will be aired on a digital platform and will run for a shorter duration.

Is Bigg Boss 15 different from Bigg Boss Ott? ›

Bigg Boss OTT will stream for six weeks, ahead of its television version Bigg boss 15. To make it rawer, some new features have been added and are being made accessible for the audience, such as nomination, punishment, and report card.

Who owns Big Boss brand? ›

It is produced by Endemol Shine India through Viacom18 and Disney Star. Subsequently, the various versions of the show are made internationally available through the OTT platforms Voot and Disney+ Hotstar.

When did Big Boss become bad? ›

Metal Gear Solid V was advertised as the moment Big Boss truly became evil. While he is not the protagonist of The Phantom Pain, it does reveal his worst sin in brainwashing a loyal member of his own men into his proxy, Venom Snake.

Was The Big Boss a success? ›

It remained the highest-grossing film of all time in Hong Kong until Lee's second film, Fist of Fury, was released in March 1972. Shortly after the Hong Kong run, The Big Boss was released in Singapore, and enjoyed similar success there, where it played for a total of 45 days at five theatres.

Who became new captain of Bigg Boss? ›

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is the new captain of the house.

Who is new captain of Bigg Boss this week? ›

Bigg Boss 16: Exclusive! Shiv Thakare is the new captain of the house.

Who is the new captain of Bigg? ›

Shiv Thakare becomes the new captain of Bigg Boss 16.

Is OTT good or bad? ›

Disadvantages of OTT Platforms

The content can be accessed only in online mode. Hence internet connection availability is one of the major drawbacks of the OTT platforms. Even after paying for the subscription, which is a fee charged for the content and its quality. The internet bandwidth largely governs quality.

What does OTT stand for? ›

OTT (over-the-top) is a means of providing television and film content over the internet at the request and to suit the requirements of the individual consumer. The term itself stands for “over-the-top”, which implies that a content provider is going over the top of existing internet services.

What is full form of OTT in Big Boss? ›

Bigg Boss OTT (or Bigg Boss: Over-The-Top) is a spin-off Indian Hindi-language reality digital series of the show Bigg Boss that airs exclusively on Viacom 18's streaming service platform Voot.

Is Bigg Boss 15 hit or flop? ›

and the grand finale aired on 30 January 2022 where Tejasswi Prakash emerged as the winner and Pratik Sehajpal and Karan Kundrra emerged as the runner-ups. The season marked a series of disappointments for the franchise and the show recorded the lowest TRP of just 0.8.

Who should have won Bigg Boss 15? ›

In a recent interview, Bigg Boss 15 finalist Nishant Bhat said runner-up Pratik Sehajpal deserved to win the show but the audience chose Tejasswi Prakash. On Sunday, reality TV show Bigg Boss 15 came to an end with actor Tejasswi Prakash winning the grand prize this season.

Why was Big Boss season 15 a flop? ›

This show is all about how much you manage to get the support of your audience for survival but this season, not much voting took place contestants have been eliminated from the house depending upon the decision of the housemates like Donal and Vidhi it's the housemates who decide who is staying or leaving which is not ...


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