Bigg Boss 16 12th December 2022 Written Episode Update: 3 captains to run the house (2023)

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MUMBAI: 12:15 AM Soundarya says I don’t wanna do the kitchen. Priyanka says Sreejita took too long to cook. Nimrit says I will die of hunger. Archana says poor Ankit is a labor, not a king.

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12:30 AM

Abdy gives Nimrit flowers. Nimrit hugs him. Vikas asks Sreejita is food ready? She says you can eat. It’s not half-cooked. If you have so many problems you can eat it. Soundarya says she cut vegetables in half and threw them in the pan. Archana says I won’t’ eat like this. Shiv and Sumbul eat. Shiv says it’s overcooked. Archana says there will be insects in the vegetable. Sreejita says I didn’t make it for you. you could cut it yourself. Sreejita says people will see if they eat an insect. Archana laughs. Sreejita says tell me where is the insect. Archana laughs.

1 AM

Archana says to Vikas it could have insects. Sreejita says there will be spiders. Vikas says I am eatingng. Don’t say such things. I am not well. Sreejit says I am responsible. You eat on your own. Don’t do this stupid thing. He says you’re stupid. I won’t cook insects. She says you shut up Archana. Archana says Soundarya is vegan, she ate it. It has insects. Now she’s non-veg. Vikas says there’s some respect for food.

Nimrit hugs Abdu. She says thank you very much. He says happy birthday.

Day 72

8 AM

Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Priyanka and Ankit argue. Everyone else does yoga. Ankit says look at your tone. She says I asked you to be on the side only. I told you this is my tone. Sreejita says that’s her voice. Priyanka says give me a cup of coffee. He says I will make it myself. Vikas asks Shalin to explain things himself. He says she has her own ways. Tina says I fail to understand you Shalin. He says you said money is more important for me. Vikas says don’t play reverse psychology. Tina says you were missing your friend after letting her go. Shalin says the friend I missed didn’t come back. tina says you killed her. He says yeah I am very bad.

Sajid says Abdu got very excited last night. He is expecting to speak to you outside. Nimrit says I told him it’s not possible. Sajid says he thinks he will have a conversation with you. He’s in love with you. Tell him you have a boyfriend. Ankit hugs Priyanka and says sorry. She says you didn’t want to dance with me. He kisses her and says sorry.

Shalin says why did I press the buzzer if I didn’t care? She says you would know. I don’t know who Tina is. Tina says you can play your game like you told Archana. You make friends here and play with people. He says you are challenging our friendship. Tina says I considered you my friend. I am hurt right now. I don’t know from your side.

11:15 AM

Sreejita says how will Abdu each sandwich? Nimrit says to use my bread. Tina says I am giving it to Stan. Archana says to give it to Abdu. I gave all my bread. tina says I didn’t ask you. Tina says there are two more people in my room. I will have to ask them.

Archana says she tries to act well in front of everyone. I am here, won’t let her fake games work. Archana says eat here Shalin. He goes out. tina gives Stan a sandwich. Stan says Abdu wanted the bread today. Shiv says Tina was like I love Abdu and she can’t give him bread. People act so smartly. She wants everyone to do her pooja.

1:30 PM

Sajid tells Ankit about Akshay and Ritesh’s acting. Bigg Boss says Ankit you love Sajid’s stories but there are a lot of things that need to be done in the house. Rules are being broken, look around. He asks who was sleeping? Stan says don’t judge my hair. Ankit says Shiv was sleeping. Shiv and Stan later make fun of Shalin standing in front of the tunnel and then saying this isn’t my mother. She has changed mom. Stan says she’s wearing clothes now. They laugh.

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3:15 PM

Bigg Boss asks people to come in a frame. He says Shalin, Tina, Soundarya, Priyanka, and Sumbul. What a family. Everyone laughs. Abdu says Shalin I am jealous. Bigg Boss says finally Ankit’s rule is over, and the house looks up. Some people were still sleeping. Sumbul? She says I wasn’t sleeping. He says only you can break his record. There will be no queen or king now and no favorites. I won’t give one person responsible for the house. There will be three captains this week. There will be a frame. You all will sit here. There is a canvas. All contestants will make portraits by picking their photos. You will have three names, the next artist can change the portrait or let it remain the same. After the fifth buzzer, the last 3 pictures on the portrait will be the captain. You will know who will get the benefits of the captain.

Sajid says let’s make three captains. Buzzer blares. Archana goes first. She puts Priyanka first. Ankit and Shiv fight. Ankit says you all play in a group. Ankit says I am okay with Vikas. Archana puts Soundarya, Priyanka, and Shalin on the board. Ankit says they play in a group and don’t let anyone else run for captaincy.

3:45 PM

Archana keeps drawing. Bigg Boss says wow Archana. Tell me the emotion behind your portrait. She says I like making cartoons. She says I chose Soundarya, Priyanka, and Shalin. I am a bit mad at Sumbul. She left the code, we lost it because of her. Sumbul says Priyanka did the same. Priyanka says you did it first. Sumbul says so you will copy me? Priyanka says that the task was lost anyway. Shiv says see how they shout Vikas. Bigg Boss says let Archana speak. Archana says Tina does things wrong herself. She isn’t fair. She doesn’t keep things clean. Tina says I clean things the most. Archana says I am done.

4 PM

Buzzer blares. Abdu goes. Bigg Boss says if Abdu is making a new painting tear the old one. He puts Sumbul, Shalin, and Tina in the portrait. Archana says make Tina’s black heart. Sajid says I want to go. Now I am involved and you have a problem. Nimrit says give me this today. I want to go. Sajid says this is a test for you both. Nimrit says you’re asking for a toss because of Ankit. He wants me not to be there. Why can’t I be there? Shiv says do you wanna go? He says I can’t go. Ankit says you can. Abdu says Shalin is eating chicken, Tina brings flowers. Sumbul sitting. Priyanka is always loud. Priyanka says to give a new reason. He says this is my choice. You’re being loud now as well. He says I made a hen for Shalin.

4:15 PM

Buzzer blares. Nimrit says I am not okay with it. Priyanka says why is it going according to Nimrit? Sreejia goes next. Nimrit and Ankit do a toss. Bigg Boss asks Nimrit to not whisper. She says sorry. Priyanka says I am sitting here. Nimrit says I don’t want you to be the captain. I am not scared. Sreejita explains her painting. She says there’s Shalin with 25 lacs in her stomach. A chicken is running aft her. Other is Soundarya and Priyanka. Tina keeps groceries hidden and Sumbul isn’t very strong. Nimrit says I am not okay with Priyanka. Ankit says to Sajid this isn’t fair. Shiv draws Shalin, Sumbul, and Tina. He says he tries to balance them with a banana. He keeps slipping. Soundarya is there as a cat he says hi to her. I like Priyanka but I was not okay with her okay with the money gone. Nimrit says ti SAjid you’ve to show you fighting. Ankit says look at yourself, are you being fair? Nimrit says she took my name in the nomination. I won’t make her the queen. Shiv shows his painting. Soundarya says you linger on things.

4:45 PM

The buzzer blares. Ankit and Nimrit fight. Ankit says I don’t agree. He asks Sajid. Ankit says I am not okay with a group member. Nimrit says Sir you promised me. Ankit says I am okay with Vikas. Sreejita says you can’t say it’s your birthday. Ankit says it was a mutual agreement. Shalin says I am proud of Ankit. Nimrit tears the paper. Ankit also tears it. Ankit says you won’t go. Nimrit says Sajid is saying I should go. It’s the majority. Vikas says when did I give my vote? Sajid says okay Nimrit. Ankit says wow amazing sir. Vikas says how is that fair. Ankit says why are you confused? Give her a trophy for her birthday. Archana says you’re here for your game, not her. He goes to the washroom. Archana says you will all go empty-handed. Archana says Nimrit do what you want. They run their group only here.

5 PM

Vikas says this is wrong. Priyanka says Ankit got a lesson he was calling Sajid is favorite. Ankit says to Sajid your own friends don’t let you be involved. Nimrit says my three girls are Soundarya, Tina, and Sumbul. Priyanka has no clear stand. Shalin tries to act innocent. Nimrit writes girl power. Bigg Bos says these three will run the house.

5:15 PM

Sreejit says to Sajid you were confused. Nimrit says we agreed. Priyanka says they’re jealous. She says you did so well Ankit. Bigg Boss says we hope no one would be sleeping in the house. Ankit did well today too. Priyanka is happy as well. Priyanka says to Ankit I told you he will support his friends only. Sumbul says to Tina I can’t talk to Shalin. TIna says he can never be loyal to anyone. Sumbul says he’s all the way. Tina says it’s a cliff. I don’t wanna fall into that game. He’s not a kid. I am not here to save him.

Priyanka says you made a stand today. Tina is happy, she hugs Vikas. Shalin says she doesn’t want to share her happiness with me. I fought for all of this all this time. Shalin says to Priyanka that people change so much. Ankit says ti Sajid I am very hurt by you. Either you could say openly you can’t go. Sajid says I felt stuck too. It was unfair to me. I was bound in relationships. Ankit says you should have stood your ground.

6 PM

Nimrit asks Sajid is Ankit mad at you? He says let it be. Priyanka is hard-working and a solid girl. I’ve sene her in the kitchen. She’s sorted. She shouts and stands up. But she’s perfect with her work. Keep your hatred aside. Who will run the house better? Tina or Priyanka. Nimrit says I won’t answer this question. It’s not about running the house. She will have the power to ruin our lives. I won’t give it to my enemy. Shiv says she won’t even give us food. Sajid says why were you adamant to go on five? She says Bigg Boss said it will be the final design. Sajid says why could I go? It had to be fair between us. None of us could go. She says I was adamant. Sajid says it was your birthday so I let you go. Nimrit says why did you want to favor Priyanka? Sajid says you got what you wanted. She says okay my preference is Tina and yours is Priyanka? He says whatever it was. Nimrit says I got it. I didn’t know. Sajid says happy birthday.

6:30 Pm

Sajid says she’s a good girl but she will stab us in the game. I did all this to prove a point and open your eyes Shiv. See what said, I wanted it my way. Shiv says I know sir. Sajid says I have understood how she is. I have to protect you. We are the core group.

Sajid asks Ankit are you upset? He says I saved you, I stood against my friend. He says it’s not about the group. Sajid says there’s no group. Priyanka says it’s about the group. Will you give them a trophy if it’s their birthday? You can’t be so emotional. He says I told them Priyanka was my preference. She is sorted. She is hardworking.

7 PM

Stna hugs Boba’s upper. He says it smells of her hug. Shalin says to Sumbul we should play together. She says don’t react. Take time and calm down. Soundarya says Sumbul.. Shalin says one minute. Sumbul says to sit alone and decide what happens. Shalin says to give people time. Soundarya says it was important for us too. Sumbal says to Sajid he said he wanted to play strong. I am the captain. He says to ask her to talk to Tina. Sajid says do what you want. SAve him in nomination. Sumbul cries and says he came to me. I didn’t come to him. Sajid says cry in front of your dad. We can’t stop you. It’s like hero heroin and we’re stopping them from talking. She says stop making me feel guilty. Sajid says do what you want. Stan says your dad is watching. Sajid says it’s your life. Sumbul cries. She says only you all matter to me in the house. My dad is different. I wont’ talk to him again. She goes in to cry. Shiv gives her water. He says it’s fine. Sajid says we’re a little protective about you. It’s your life, you can do what you want. Shiv says you know who’s good for you.

12 AM
Shiv says to Stan I didn’t get what was happening in the task. Are we being fooled?? Stan says I didn’t get it either. Sajid speaks to Shalin and says Sumbul said you came to talk to her. He says I spoke to her about captaincy only. Sajid says you did this before. Don’t make us bad guys. You both asked us to maintain the distance. Shalin says when did I come? Sajid says don’t overreact. He says this point will start again. Shalin says I don’t want it to.

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