10 Easiest and Cheapest Luxury Cars to Maintain (2023)

Which are some of the easiest and cheapest luxury cars to maintain? Buying a car is only the first step in spending money on it: maintaining, insurance, and repairs are an inevitable part of any car owner’s life.

Since luxury cars already cost too much at the start, do not expect maintenance to be the cheapest, and especially not insurance. There are other options if you are just looking for the least expensive cars to maintain in general, such as Honda or GM, but since we are here, we will go through the cheapest luxury cars to maintain, some of them being among 11 Luxury Car Brands and Parent Companies. Among that list would also be some of the most expensive car brands to maintain, where at the top 3 places are unsurprisingly BMW, Mercedes and Ford.

There’s also always the option of buying an used luxury car, of course depending on mileage and the overall condition of a vehicle. Some of the most reliable used luxury cars under $10,000, or even less are BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class or Infiniti G35x for example. Even being cheap to buy at first sight, a Mercedes or BMW would not be as cheap to maintain at a long distance.

But what are all the costs concerning maintaining a car? Regular maintenance is the important thing in order to prevent some damage and keep your vehicle running properly. That concerns basic things such as checking if there is some leaking, checking windscreen wipers, tire pressure, signal lights, etc. which you can check by yourself. Other checking and repairs are of course done in a repair shop. As the car ages, cost of maintenance rises. Some average car annual maintenance is only about $200-300 in the first years, and rises up to $2,000 in the 13th year for example. Speaking of age, some of the cheapest used cars to maintain are actually not such a bad choice to reconsider, like Toyota Corolla or Honda Fit. Also, some of the cheapest SUVs to maintain also seem to be Toyota RAV4 and Honda CRV.

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After maintenance, repairs are an important issue of luxury cars concerning the price. Since we are stuck with Mercedes and BMW as the example for the most expensive, let’s just put here that a simple oil change for these cars can cost up to $130-140. For German cars, for example, you will have to purchase parts directly from Germany, which takes time and lots of money to repair- for example, $400 and two weeks to get and change the auxiliary water pump for BMW.

Insurance is also among the important issues concerning your annual costs. Some of the most expensive brands concerning annual insurance, as well as the most expensive cars to maintain as we have seen earlier are Mercedes ($3,500 and more) and BMW (around $3,000) again. On the other side of the specter are Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda (with around $1,000 on average).

So, to summarize and add: you might find a fancy luxury vehicle in good condition for a low price no doubt, but be sure you can go on with that. Luxury cars have expensive insurance; repairs cost more, they often require premium type fuels and are usually harder to sell.

Now back on our main subject here, the easiest and cheapest luxury cars to maintain. We have also taken in mind SUVs, of course, to incorporate some of the cheapest luxury SUVs to maintain into our list. First, we have looked at which are those cheapest luxury SUVs under $40,000 for 2017 among which were various Infinity, Audi, BMW and Lincoln models.

To put advertising aside, probably the most reliable measure for really knowing which the easiest and cheapest luxury cars to maintain are, it to hear the opinions of people who actually own them. That is why he have first searched forums like Quora and Reddit where we have found some experiences people had with maintaining luxury cars, so we have taken in mind their recommendations. For other suggestions, we have gone through several other websites specialized in cars such as Autotrader, U.S. News or Your Mechanic where we also got a good insight in luxury car maintenance comparison. We have also taken in mind a similar comparison for 3 and 10 years of ownership of a car from Consumers Reports. In the end, we have made our final ranking on the number of mentions we have found for each car. And not to be too specific, since sometimes there are only minor differences between the models, we have stuck to car brands instead. Also, we did not base rankings on any numbers, first because they differ and vary from model to model, and secondly because individual care and use of a car are also important regarding to repairs and maintenance.

All in all, as we have seen, it seems that among the most expensive car in general are Mercedes and BMW, and the most affordable, yet good vehicles, are Toyota and Honda. Before we go on to our list, you might like to check out the Top 10 Best Selling Luxury Car Brands in the US and compare how many of those are also among the easiest and cheapest luxury cars to maintain.

10. Volvo

Volvo is one of the safest cars out there, but the repair cost can be high. Nevertheless, some models like S60 are actually budget-friendly which is why Volvo takes last place on our list here.

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9. Lincoln

Among the easiest and cheapest luxury cars to maintain is also Lincoln, not that cheap, but in comparison to some other luxury cars, it is more affordable. Lincoln is a reliable car, and a good thing which makes repairs cheaper is that it shares some parts with some Ford matches.

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8. Porsche

Porsche cars are generally well built and very reliable which makes maintaining and repairing them easy. Parts for Porsche cars are relatively expensive, and the engine, for example, uses more oil than the average engines of the same size. That is one of the reasons people would rather choose some other brand if looking for some cheapest luxury cars to maintain, but according to some Porsche owners, owning a one is not as expensive as it sounds.

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7. Cadillac

Here’s the North American car in the race for the luxury among Germany and Japan. The opinions on owning a Cadillac are different of course, but there are many of those who would choose Cadillac over Audi or BMW for example. And even though it isn’t the cheapest car to maintain, it sure is in range of cheapest luxury cars to maintain compared to European matches.

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6. Buick

Buick is somewhere around the middle of the list of the top vehicles concerning repair cost, according to research by CarMD, which makes it an excellent choice, since the list does not take in mind only luxury cars, but cars in general. It also shares some parts with some other General Motors cars, so they cost generally lower, which makes repairs cheaper.

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5. Hyundai Genesis and Equus series

Hyundai’s recently introduced Genesis and Equus luxury series of cars seem to have gone well with the customers. It even parries with German luxury cars such as Mercedes or BMW, having excellent performance and being equipped with all the interior elements as any German or other luxury cars. For a relatively new appearance, Hyundai is doing a really good job with the luxury series, and apart from good performance, it is also a reliable and one among the easiest and cheapest luxury cars to maintain.

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4. Tesla

Tesla might not yet be the most popular among the luxury cars, having Mercedes, BMW, and Audi holding top places, but it is definitively a good choice in the future, and definitively a classy luxury choice. Since it is not composed as a usual vehicle, you will not have problems with oil changes and other mechanical issues; the battery is the most expensive part by far. Also, promising Model 3 is guaranteeing the cheaper cost of maintenance, with improved performance and already excellent reliability.

3. Infiniti

What makes Infiniti one of the easiest and cheapest luxury cars to maintain is the thing, that, being the luxury division of Nissan, it has many parts same as Nissan cars. While prices of some Infiniti models are close to Nissan models, even the producers themselves recommend Infinity over Nissan because of additional preferences Infinity has, such as Safety Shield, which is one of the best of that kind in vehicles in general.

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2. Acura

Acura is another Japanese luxury car on our list. Japanese seem to have brought luxury to a whole new level taken in mind quality and money you will spend on the luxury. Acura is a reliable car, being among the top on reliability rankings. Performance is also one of the properties that rank this car high: big engine, more horsepower, and torque, performance tires. And in the end, Acura is one of the easiest and cheapest luxury cars to maintain in the class.

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1. Lexus

Lexus seems to be one of the most reliable, easiest and cheapest luxury cars to maintain. Being a luxury brand, Lexus is in the group of those brands which maintenance is about 10% less than the median cost of maintenance for car brands. Lexus can also be repaired using Toyota parts.

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Which is the cheapest luxury car? ›

Mini Cooper S 3-door. The Mini Cooper S 3-door hatchback is the most affordable luxury car one can buy in India in 2023, with prices starting from Rs 41.20 lakh (ex-showroom).

What is an affordable luxury? ›

An alluring good or service with a steep but affordable price.

Which is cheaper Mercedes or BMW or Audi? ›

Mercedes are the most expensive among cars of the same class. BMW and Audi have parity prices, which can be slightly ahead of each other depending on the dealer. In terms of maintenance, repairs, and spare parts, pre-owned BMW will cost you more than Audi or Mercedes.

Which luxury brand has low maintenance cost? ›

The Volvo XC90, BMW 7 Series and the Audi A6 are some of the most reliable luxury car brands in terms of low maintenance.

Which luxury car is best for middle class family? ›

Best 5 Luxury Cars In India with Price List in 2023
ModelPrice in New Delhi
Audi A4Rs. 43.85 - 51.85 Lakh*
Mercedes-Benz E-ClassRs. 75 - 88 Lakh*
Mercedes-Benz S-ClassRs. 1.71 - 2.17 Cr*
Land Rover Range Rover VelarRs. 89.41 Lakh*
1 more row

Do luxury cars lose value faster? ›

Luxury vehicles tend to lose value faster because of their high-tech features and high price tags. Second-hand buyers don't always have the same level of enthusiasm about those features, which can impact used prices.

What car will last the longest? ›

Here are the cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans with the longest potential lifespan:
  • Toyota. Toyota Sequoia. Potential lifespan: 296,509 miles. ...
  • Toyota. Toyota Land Cruiser. ...
  • Chevrolet. Chevrolet Suburban. ...
  • Toyota. Toyota Tundra. ...
  • GMC. GMC Yukon XL. ...
  • Toyota. Toyota Prius. ...
  • Chevrolet. Chevrolet Tahoe. ...
  • Honda. Honda Ridgeline.
May 8, 2023

Is it cheaper to maintain a car or buy a new one? ›

Generally speaking, it is almost always less expensive to repair a car than buy a new one. Even something as severe as an engine or transmission rebuild will cost you roughly $1,200 to $5,000 — far less than buying a new car.

What car brand is the most reliable? ›

What is the most dependable car brand? Here are the brand rankings based on the number of problems per 100 vehicles, according to J.D. Power's 2023 U.S. vehicle dependability study. The industry average is 186. The highest-ranking premium brand was Lexus, and Kia was the highest-ranking mass market brand.

What is the average life of a luxury car? ›

In fact, regular and luxury cars today contain comparable quality parts due to newer technology. With regular care, most cars, regardless of the model, will last around 200,000 miles.

What cars have the highest quality? ›

According to this trusted organization, the most reliable cars for 2021 are from brands such as Audi, Buick, Hyundai, and Toyota. The Consumer Reports study is based on surveying more than 400,000 people who own current-generation vehicles made within the last three years.

Do luxury cars last longer? ›

Reasons why luxury cars last longer

Most cars will run for around 200,000 miles, which is more or less ten to fifteen years if the vehicle is cared for well. If it seems that luxury cars can outlive a mid-range car, there are two significant reasons. First, luxury cars are made better.

How to be luxurious on a budget? ›

Luxury Lifestyle Tips for all Budgets
  1. Invest in Quality Pieces.
  2. Create a Luxurious Home Environment.
  3. Plan For the Lifestyle You Want.
  4. Live a Healthy Lifestyle.
  5. Travel the World.
  6. Make the Most of Your Spare Time.
  7. Dress Elegantly.
  8. Enjoy Luxurious Spa Treatments.

What is simple luxury? ›

It is about finding beauty and awe in life, recipes, nature, chores, rituals, decorating, people and simplicity. Simple luxuries bring beauty and grace no matter what your income, location or situation.

How to afford luxury on a budget? ›

Here are a few tips to follow so that you can afford to buy luxury things such as designer clothing and handbags without feeling guilty about it!
  1. Save for luxury things. ...
  2. Buy quality over quantity. ...
  3. Wait for your "must-have" designer items to go on sale. ...
  4. Save for the big-ticket items. ...
  5. Stay away from fast trends.
May 7, 2023

Which is better Lexus or Mercedes? ›

Impressive Reliability

Out of the 28 brands (including both mainstream and luxury brands), Lexus ranked highest for reliability. Compared to Mercedes-Benz which earned a rank of 23rd out of 28 brands, Lexus is the clear favorite.

Is Audi better than Lexus? ›

When looking at the Audi vs. Lexus comparison, we need to determine which brand performs better as a luxury vehicle. According to Carvana once again, the performance of each vehicle is as follows: Audi: Audi offers more variety in their lineup and outperforms Lexus vehicles on average just slightly.

Which SUV is better Lexus or BMW? ›

No matter which way you look at it, Lexus SUVs offer greater value, performance, comfort, safety, and versatility than BMW.

Which is cheaper to maintain Lexus or Mercedes? ›

You can also see that the European models by Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW cost considerably more to repair during the 5-year period. Looking at Mercedes and Lexus car maintenance, Lexus is a little bit cheaper. However, Lexus repair costs are much cheaper than Mercedes.

Is Lexus cheaper to maintain than BMW? ›

The Lexus model will generally cost you less in terms of total cost of ownership, including Lexus auto repair and maintenance. BMW auto repair is one of the more expensive auto repairs of any luxury car on the road (not including high end luxury sports cars.)

Which German car is cheapest to maintain? ›

BMW 3 Series

It is one of the luxury cars with lowest maintenance cost. Further, a BMW service station is never too far away. BMW 3 Series Car has an automatic transmission, 1998CC engine, 16.13 fuel efficiency and maximum power 255BHP@5000rpm.

What age group buys luxury cars? ›

They are between 35-54 years of age, with children, graduate degrees, and professional careers.

Which car has a large comfortable and luxurious car? ›

The top Luxury cars in India include Toyota Fortuner (Rs. 41.21 Lakh), Toyota Fortuner Legender (Rs. 42.82 Lakh) and MINI Cooper (Rs. 40.00 Lakh).

Which luxury car brand has the youngest buyers? ›

Few other car brands have an average buyer age as low as Rolls-Royce's. Rolls-Royce is owned by BMW, which also owns the British brand Mini. The average age of a Mini buyer in the US is 52, according to BMW, and about 55 for the BMW brand itself.

Which car devalues the least? ›

Trucks, truck-based SUVs and sports cars retain the most value. Luxury sedans depreciate the most.

Why do millionaires drive cheap cars? ›

Perhaps because driving expensive cars would attract unwanted attention. Many wealthy individuals become wary of showing their worth with a high-end car after becoming the focus of fraud, theft, or frivolous lawsuits.

What happens to luxury cars that don't sell? ›

A final resort for the dealer with vehicles that don't sell at the dealership is to sell them at an auto auction. Most areas have auto auctions that are frequented by new- and used-car dealers.

What price do luxury cars start? ›

The average transaction price for an entry-level luxury car is about $40,000 nowadays. The average price for a flagship luxury sedan is closer to $100,000. That's a big gap, and these midsize luxury sedans are here to fill it with an average selling price of around $55,000.

Which is the cheapest luxury car of BMW? ›

BMW car price starts at Rs 43.50 Lakh for the cheapest model which is 2 Series Gran Coupe and the price of most expensive model, which is XM starts at Rs 2.60 Crore. BMW offers 19 car models in India, including 8 cars in SUV category, 7 cars in Sedan category, 1 car in Convertible category, 3 cars in Coupe category.

What is the No 1 luxury car in the world price? ›

If we talk about the most expensive car then the Rolls-Royce comes in first. In the Rolls-Royce the most expensive Rolls-Royce name is Rolls-Royce Sweptail. The price of Rolls-Royce Sweptail is 12.8 Million dollars. In Indian rupees this is approximately 99,00,00,000 rupees.

How much is the entry level BMW? ›

A BMW can cost anywhere from $38,600 to $62,200, depending on the type and specification level you select. The 3 Series, the 5 Series, and the 7 Series are BMW's three best-selling automobiles. The final price of the car includes the basic price plus all applicable taxes, fees, and destination costs.


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